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How to organize images for wedding photographers

True story: When I was first starting out in wedding photography, I would finish editing a job and then save a few key images (to use for my website, social media and marketing), all into a separate main folder.

Over time, this folder quickly grew to store thousands of images, and trying to find something specific became a nightmare. I would spend so much time searching for it!

What I would advise any new wedding photographer (or even if you already have a photography business), is to get into the habit of having a good file structure for your images.

Creating and properly labeling each folder, will help you stay organized and definitely save you time from having to dig around through thousands of images when you need to find something specific.

Here’s an idea for a folder structure and how mine is currently setup:

File structure for wedding photographers

  • Start with the photography style: Wedding, Engagement, Boudoir, etc

  • Create a subfolder for: Year

  • Under Year, create a subfolder for: Client name and date

  • Under the client name/date, create the following subfolders: Raw, Jpegs, Watermark, Album, Social Media, Orders, Vendors

↪ Let’s break those down:

🔸 Raw: All the raw files from the memory cards.

🔸 Jpegs: The final edited files released to the clients.

🔸 Watermark: Files I watermark with my logo that goes on website/social media.

🔸 Album: Images that are going into a client’s album.

🔸 Social Media: Images to be used for specific social media posts.

🔸 Orders: Images clients orders for prints or products.

🔸 Vendors: Images I share with other wedding vendors (I do make a subfolder here for

each vendor with their name and business name).

Having those images under their specific category and under each client name, made my life so much easier! I didn’t have to go all over the place trying to find a specific image inside a main folder with thousands of photos!

Whether you borrow my file structure system or create your own, it’s definitely something that will save you a lot of time in the long run.


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