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Wedding photography resources for beginners

Freebies & Resources

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Wedding photography guide for beginners

From Beginner to Booked:
Your wedding photography journey

A condensed guide on the essentials of starting and growing your wedding photography business. It includes:

  • The must haves on getting started.

  • Proven strategies for attracting your ideal clients.

How to find and book clients for wedding photographers

Boost your Wedding Photography Business Visibility

The wedding photographer's condensed guide to organically increasing visibility and attracting clients. It includes: 

  • Proven strategies for attracting your ideal clients.

  • Steps on getting your name in front of brides.

How to find second shooter jobs

Tips on Finding Second Shooting Jobs

Tips on gaining experience as a wedding photographer with second shooting. It includes: 

  • What you should have before second shooting.

  • Different ways to make yourself visible to lead photographers.

Creating first portfolio with a styled shoot for wedding photographers

Creating your
First Portfolio

How to plan and create a styled photoshoot so you can start building a portfolio.

Photography wedding contract

What to Include in your Wedding Contract

Six important clauses to have in your wedding contracts with verbiage examples of how I have them in mine.

Wedding timeline questionnaire template

Wedding Timeline Questionnaire Template

A comprehensive guide on what to ask brides about the details of their wedding day timeline.

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