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4 Quick Tips to Prepare for Wedding Day Photography

So, you wake up early in the morning to another busy day of wedding photography. Do you:

A. Rush to get your batteries charged, your gear bag organized and ready, print the timeline of the day and only then try to figure out what kind of snacks to bring with you?


B. Relax and enjoy the few hours of personal time before you need to leave for a long day of photography?

I don't know about you, but I definitely need 'Me Time' before leaving to go photograph a wedding. Especially when it's busy season and you have 1 to 2 weddings a weekend.

Below are 4 quick tips I have incorporated into my routine over the years so I can not only maximize my time before wedding days, but also keep me efficient and organized.

1. Gear Up:

Tips on how to get ready to photograph a wedding

First things first, ensure all your equipment is cleaned, packed, and ready to go well before the big day arrives. Doing this the day before is just fine. There’s nothing worse than discovering a smudge on your lens or a dying battery in the middle of a crucial moment. Double-check that all batteries are charged, and pack extras just in case. Don’t forget to bring spare cameras, lenses, batteries, and memory cards. And speaking of memory cards, ensure they are formatted and any previous work is safely stored elsewhere. Being proactive with your gear preparation will save you from unnecessary stress on the day itself.

2. Navigate with Ease:

Tips on how to prepare to photograph a wedding day

Wedding days can be a whirlwind of activity, with multiple locations to juggle - from the bride's getting ready location to the ceremony venue, and finally to the reception. Save yourself the headache of navigating on the fly by loading all location addresses into your GPS ahead of time. Trust me, you’ll appreciate having clear directions readily available when you’re rushing from one location to another. By planning your routes in advance, you can also avoid getting lost along the way, even if you decide to follow the limo or someone going to the same location.

3. Organize Your Timeline:

Tips on how to prepare to photograph a wedding day

A well organized timeline is the backbone of a successful wedding day shoot. Make sure yours is updated and easily accessible throughout the day. Load a digital copy onto your phone and have a printed version on hand as well. This way, you can quickly refer to it whenever needed, ensuring you stay on track and capture all the essential moments. Additionally, if you have an assistant or second shooter, provide them with a copy of the timeline too (I usually email it to them a week or so before the wedding). Clear communication and coordination are key to seamlessly navigating the day’s events.

4. Stay Energized:

Tips on how to prepare to photograph a wedding day

Wedding days are notorious for being long and action packed events. With all the running around and capturing priceless moments, it’s easy to forget about your own needs. That’s why it’s essential to pack plenty of water and snacks to keep you fueled and hydrated throughout the day. Bring along a variety of snacks like protein bars or sandwiches that you can easily munch on during brief breaks or while traveling between locations. By keeping your energy levels up, you’ll be able to maintain focus and creativity, ensuring you deliver your best work from start to finish.

In conclusion, preparing for a wedding day shoot requires careful planning and attention to detail. By following these four quick tips, you’ll be ready to capture the day while keeping stress away. So, grab your gear, pack those snacks, and get ready to create lasting memories for the happy couple!

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